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Archaeology is as old as mankind yet as new as the latest discovery. ArchaeologyExpert is a practical resource that conveniently catalogues a wealth of pertinent articles in relevant sections, suitable for either the professional or the enthusiastic amateur.
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Archaeology Myths
Archaeology Myths: Archaeology and Curses, Pseudo-Archaeology, China's Terracotta Army,...
Archaeology Specialists
Archaeology Specialists: Stone Tool Experts, Zoologists, Botany and...
Areas of Specialisation
Areas of Specialisation: Defixiones: Curse Tablets, Radio Carbon Dating,...
Famous Archaeologists
Famous Archaeologists: Heinrich Schliemann, Boucher de Perthes,...
Field Archaeology
Field Archaeology: Types of Archaeological Data, Archaeological Excavation, Arc...
Interesting Finds
Interesting Finds: The Jesus Boat, What We Can Learn From Ancient Coins, Understanding...
Places of Interest
Places of Interest: Harappa, Punjab, Greece: The Archaic Period, An Archaeology...
Starting Points
Starting Points: Academic Qualifications to Be An Archaeologist, Basic Archaeological...
Things to Know
Things to Know: The First People, Early Footprints, Egyptian Mummies, The Mayan...
Latest Comments
  • ArchaeologyExpert
    Re: Archaeological Surveying
    None - Your Question:Can you please tell what is a level 3 archaeological survey? I am required to conduct same on a listed barn in…
    9 October 2015
  • None
    Re: Archaeological Surveying
    Can you please tell what is a level 3 archaeological survey? I am required to conduct same on a listed barn in North Yorkshire. With…
    8 October 2015
  • ArchaeologyExpert
    Re: Academic Qualifications to Be An Archaeologist
    Keerthi - Your Question:Sir,I completed my B.TECH.but I want to become an archaeologist.IS there any…
    2 October 2015
  • Keerthi
    Re: Academic Qualifications to Be An Archaeologist
    Sir,I completed my B.TECH...but I want to become an archaeologist...IS there any chance?
    30 September 2015
  • Sandy
    Re: The Bone Expert
    I had picked up what I thought was an interesting rock, but when I looked at it today , I find that it is a fossilized lower spine. I am no expert,…
    25 September 2015
  • Twinkle
    Re: Types of Archaeology
    I have completed my class 12 this year so please may I know how to persue my carrier in archeology
    23 September 2015
  • Paddy
    Re: The Bone Expert
    We found two unusual bones on a remote beach in Palau. The long one is the sise of a bobby (hair) pin. The second about the size of a push pin. I…
    17 September 2015
  • anne
    Re: Be a Volunteer Archaeologist
    Hi. Ill love to work with archeologists but I'm in my 3rd year. I'm in nigeria and would love any info on well funded archeology…
    17 September 2015
  • Lucy
    Re: Be a Volunteer Archaeologist
    Hello, I am looking for work experience in this field as I am about to apply for uni and would really love to do Archaeology and…
    16 September 2015
  • amy
    Re: Academic Qualifications to Be An Archaeologist
    could you please suggest some good universities for further archaeological studies in india
    12 September 2015
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