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Archaeology is as old as mankind yet as new as the latest discovery. ArchaeologyExpert is a practical resource that conveniently catalogues a wealth of pertinent articles in relevant sections, suitable for either the professional or the enthusiastic amateur.
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Archaeology Myths
Archaeology Myths: Archaeology and Curses, Pseudo-Archaeology, China's Terracotta Army,...
Archaeology Specialists
Archaeology Specialists: Stone Tool Experts, Zoologists, Botany and...
Areas of Specialisation
Areas of Specialisation: Defixiones: Curse Tablets, Radio Carbon Dating,...
Famous Archaeologists
Famous Archaeologists: Heinrich Schliemann, Boucher de Perthes,...
Field Archaeology
Field Archaeology: Types of Archaeological Data, Archaeological Excavation, Arc...
Interesting Finds
Interesting Finds: The Jesus Boat, What We Can Learn From Ancient Coins, Understanding...
Places of Interest
Places of Interest: Harappa, Punjab, Greece: The Archaic Period, An Archaeology...
Starting Points
Starting Points: Academic Qualifications to Be An Archaeologist, Basic Archaeological...
Things to Know
Things to Know: The First People, Early Footprints, Egyptian Mummies, The Mayan...
Latest Comments
  • Anna
    Re: Pottery Experts
    Hi there i found what i think is a piece of pottery whilst on a coastal walk but unsure how to get it indentified i was wondering if you could help…
    17 March 2018
  • Meghan
    Re: Archaeology as a Hobby
    Does anyone know anything about an amateur archaeology club near Pittsburgh, PA? I would like to join one and do this as a hobby.
    16 March 2018
  • Meghaan
    Re: Academic Qualifications to Be An Archaeologist
    Sir/madam iam studying BA history. I very intrested archaeology. how to coming archaeology .which study…
    16 March 2018
  • Hans
    Re: Dating Techniques In Archaeology
    I would like to know how to determine the age for a piece of gold (archaeology gold piece) where and how much is the cost I…
    14 March 2018
  • mada
    Re: Types of Archaeological Data
    someone please explain for me african archaeology before 1950
    1 March 2018
  • meme
    Re: Dating Techniques In Archaeology
    i have this meme on my table it is carved into rock. i dug it up in my back yard. i am not sure if it is real.
    26 February 2018
  • Clarisse
    Re: Types of Archaeology
    I want to become ethno archeologist
    25 February 2018
  • Crawdad
    Re: Academic Qualifications to Be An Archaeologist
    I am a Sophomore in high school and i am doing a job profile i want to be a field Archaeologist.
    16 February 2018
    Re: Classification
    Archaeological sites are classified into different types based on their function.Discuss
    14 February 2018
  • ransomovitch
    Re: Radio Carbon Dating
    c14 dating is a joke, and forms part of the scientism cartel and to challenge this cartel is to incur the wrath of new fangled shamanic…
    10 February 2018
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