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Being Aware of Fake Archaeological Artefacts

Fake archaeological artefacts have flooded the marketplace. They can be so convincing that they are unknowingly displayed in museums, the most respected collectors buy……

The Dead Sea Scrolls

A look at the discovery and examination of ancient artefacts found near the edge of the Dead Sea, which are know known as the Dead Sea Scrolls…

The Jesus Boat

An article describing the discovery and excavation of an ancient boat found in Lake Galilee, which has since become known as the Jesus Boat….

The Stones of Exodus

The location of the real Mt Sinai, the golden calf, the tablets of Ten Commandments, and the stones of the altar has always eluded and frustrated every archaeological……

Understanding Weights And Measures In Archaeology

Every authority had a ‘master set’ for weights and measurement. Most were kept securely guarded and satellite sets would be routinely brought in for comparison to the……

What Textiles Can Tell Us About Life In Ancient Rome

Ancient textiles that have survived for hundreds of years can provide insight into the complexity of ancient Roman culture….

What We Can Learn From Ancient Coins

Coins are a splendid spokesperson of history by providing a real life portrait of famous historical personalities and revealing daily life at that time….

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