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Archaeology as a Hobby

Not everyone can be a professional archaeologist and even for those with the necessary skills and abilities, it is not everybody that wants the often harsh rigours of……

Archaeology from Outer Space

One of the greatest advancements in archaeological survey is satellite imaging using radar penetration systems from high in outer space…

Artefact Hoaxes

The word hoax dates from the 1700’s where it was a contraction of the term hocus pocus, a phrase long used by stage magicians and for describing nonsense….

Early Footprints

A discovery of startling importance was that running alongside the three-toed dinosaur prints was a trail of modern human footprints, in some cases even overlapping……

Egyptian Mummies

Ancient Egyptians believed in a dual existence after death where they would continue a similar life to that already known on earth from within their tombs and also……

Origins of Food Production

The transition of human development from hunter-gatherer to domesticated food farmer involves the archaeological study of food production origins….

The Anglo-Saxons

The Anglo-Saxons are a people that left us a wealth of language but no artefacts to evidence their life or their living…

The Early Bronze Age

“Bronze Age” is an archaeological expression used to describe a period of significant change in the living patterns of a civilization….

The First People

The technological supremacy of the ancients has left archaeologists pondering about the ‘university’ of our ancestors. Attempting to form conclusions about the first……

The Mayan Indians

The ‘peaceful’ Maya were actually just as bloodthirsty as the Aztecs but had a more sophisticated society that operated like the Greeks….

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