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Archaeological Interpretation

Without an audible voice from the past, experts often arrive at different archaeological interpretations from the same data….

Archaeologists & Museum Work

Top museum positions call for a graduate degree. Archivists, technicians, and curators have the common goal to acquire, preserve, and display artefacts to create…

Archaeology And The Study Of Archaeoastronomy

People have been observing and living by the planets and stars for millenia. The heavenly alignments have been important in the past as a way of predicting seasonal……


Every museum of ancient antiquities arranges their collection to conform to a classification system. Classifying relics helps us to understand the process of their……

Cognitive Archaeology

The ancient human mind is revealed with every trowel of upturned soil on an archaeological site. Cognitive archaeology investigates the thinking behind the artefacts….

Computer Archaeology

Computer software methods have opened up a new frontier for the archaeologist to replicate, model, or predict almost any archaeological event using the stockpile of……

Conservators of Underwater Archaeology

Underwater archaeological conservators are experts within archaeology who preserve material recovered from an underwater excavation site. They will preserve artefacts…

Dating Techniques In Archaeology

Archaeological dating techniques can assure buyers that their item is not a fake by providing scientific reassurance of the artefact’s likely age….


Incomprehensible archaeological writing needs to be interpreted by linguistic experts who crack its code by decipherment….

Defixiones: Curse Tablets

A stream of archaeological evidence, including defixiones, clearly demonstrates that human intent has changed little over millennia….


Egypt’s best-known archaeological sites are the Pyramids and Tutankhamun’s Tomb and for 5000 years the Egyptians have cultivated a rich civilization along the Nile……


Ethnoarchaeological interpretation was developed to counteract the abuses found in the ethnographic analogy method used by anthropologists…

Gender Archaeology

The gender archaeologist is introducing an improvement that refines artefact interpretation and opens up the discussion of the role of men and women in past society….

Ground Penetrating Radar in Archaeology

Ground-Penetrating Radar can detect ancient roads, floors, walls, and wells also geophysical features like riverbeds; and even smaller objects such as tools and other……

How Aerial Photography Helps In Archaeology

Aerial cameras capture photographs from archaeological sites that enhance the survey techniques of the excavation team….

Human Remains

Analysis of ancient human remains can demonstrate how the environment impacted on the individual. The osteologist is looking for patterns of life within the relics of……

Industrial Archaeology

The phrase is so new to archaeological science that there remains no fixed definition acceptable to all of the sub-disciplines. For 50 years those who claim to be……

Isotope Analysis

Isotope analysis can provide archaeologists with inferences about the diet, subsistence, and origins of ancient people by testing teeth and other bone matter….

Landscape Archaeology

Landscape archaeology attempts to clarify and define human interaction with the surrounding environment by examining the landscape….

Mesoamerican Archaeology

Mesoamerica is the early combined states of Mexico and Central America where the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec peoples flourished….


Tiny particles of pollen and other fine organic dust can be analysed to find out how humans inter-related with their ancient environment….

Radio Carbon Dating

Many archaeological theories about societies have been based on C14 dating. The honest archaeologist can no longer propose ideas without bringing a wider plate of……

Rock Art, Ancient Communication

Rock art pre-dates the pyramids and was an adaptation of environment, altered capacities for thinking in the abstract, and a desire to cross-communicate in an expanded……

The Archaeological Metallurgist

The specialist name for an archaeology expert involved in ancient metals analysis is archaeometallurgist….

The Aztecs

The Aztec people controlled central Mexico for more than 300 years and developed farming methods that are as unique as they are productive….

The Bone Expert

Anything that once lived in the geological past can be studied if it has been preserved by fossilization. Expert analysis of preserved life is the job of the……

The Means of Ancient Communication: Part 1

From the wax notepad of the schoolboy to the grand inscriptions on monuments, almost everything we know about antiquity is derived from writings such as those written……

The Means of Ancient Communication: Part 2

The development of writing materials is as fascinating as it is exhaustive. Millions of pieces of ancient communication have helped to record the past and it is……

Underwater Archaeology

Within shipwrecks are well-preserved relics of a past humanity. Nautical archaeologists attempt to recover their watery remains and investigate the culture and……

Urban Archaeology

The urban archaeologist has a focus on understanding the past human relationship with the ancient place of occupation….

What Animal Bones Can Tell Us In Archaeology

The key mission of ancient animal bone analysis is to identify the species, the number of animals involved, and how they impacted upon human behaviour….

What is Experimental Archaeology?

Experimental archaeology is a systematic and controlled method of interpretation of artefacts discovered in the archaeological record undertaken in a very practical way….

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