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An Archaeology Excavation: Aksum In Ethiopia

This ancient city wielded great influence over trade in ivory, and gold. It held trading prominence on both shores of the Red Sea and rose economically within the……

Archaeology in the Arctic

Survival in temperatures that fall below minus 60 degrees is not conducive to an expanding civilization and archaeologists remain hard pressed to understand the people…

Cities of the Revelation

An ancient theologian wrote the apocalyptic Revelation, as a lengthy letter addressed to seven city-churches in ancient Asia Minor warning them about the end to come….

Greece: The Archaic Period

Archaeological discoveries have changed our thinking about the culture that birthed democracy and artefacts recovered from such excavations have caused history books……

Greece: The Classical Period

Classical Greek architecture has often been the model for imitations throughout antiquity being copied in Europe, North America, and the British Empire….

Harappa, Punjab

Archaeological excavations have revealed that the Indus Valley Civilization flourished in a rich vast river plain now known as Pakistan and the Punjab….

Nabta Playa, Egypt

The Nabta people fought Egypt’s droughts to build megalithic structures and develop a complex culture that may have helped the first Pharaohs…

Nazca Lines and the Nazca Culture

The Nazca lines are amazing straight paths criss-crossing the plain like a giant complex of airport runways with pictures of animals, such as birds and beasts….

Rapa Nui & Archaeological Interest

The giant carved stone faces look intently seaward as if guarding the island from intruders and protecting its inhabitants….


Legend tells that Merlin brought Stonehenge’s great stones from Ireland to build a lasting memorial for slain British noblemen? But what do we really know about this……

The Archaeological Site: Oxyrhynchus, Egypt

More than 100,000 papyrus fragments have been discovered at Oxyrhynchus making it the archaeological world’s most important grammatological location….

The Archaeology Mystery Of The Bronze Age Mound

An interesting Bronze Age burned mound was excavated at a gravel mining quarry north of Leicester, England…

The Megalithic Sites of Carnac

The tomb capstones weigh more than 50 tons each making the megalithic monuments at Carnac one of the world’s greatest ancient achievements….

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum attracted commerce, trade, and general business as well as politics, plays, and prostitution where religious cult practices and the administration of……

The Ruined City of Ephesus

Ephesus is the grandest of the seven ruined cities of Asia Minor’s ancient postal route….

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