Famous Archaeologists

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Boucher de Perthes

The French geologist, Boucher de Perthes, is best known for forming the idea that archaeological history could be charted using periods of geological time….

Dr Eric Ottleban Callen

Contemporaries mocked Callen’s research. He persevered and now holds the honour of founding father of human coprolite analysis…

Famous Archaeologist: Henry Balfour

Henry Balfour devoted 50 years of his life to exhibiting archaeological artefacts and delivering lectures for the Pitt-Rivers Museum….

Flavio Biondo

The Italian, Flavio Biondo is the first true archaeologist and the historian who coined the phrase Middle Ages….

Heinrich Schliemann

Heinrich Schliemann has immortalised himself into archaeological history through his colourful, yet unethical antics and his extravagant life is matched in his final……

Henri Breuil

Henri Breuil was known as the ‘priest of palaeontology’ and was best known for his research work on primitive French cave art….

Howard Carter

After visiting the world’s greatest private collection of Egyptian artefacts, Carter was driven by ambitious aspirations. Season after season, he pursued the dream of…

Lieutenant General Pitt-Rivers

Pitt Rivers firmly believed that his theory of typology suggested that cultural change occurred from generation to generation through material development….

Nabodinus, Last Great King of Babylon

Nabonidus, the neo-revisionist, was Babylon’s last king who choice of archaeology over matters of the empire brought the fall of Babylon the Great….

Osbert Crawford

Osbert Crawford believed that aerial photography provided a research tool to archaeology that was as valuable as the telescope is to astronomy….

Shinichi Fujimura

Japan’s craving for archaeological information about themselves enabled self-taught Fujimura to con the scientific world with a grand hoax about ancient Japanese….

Sir Mortimer Wheeler

Brought about mainly through gender role changes, Wheeler’s method was widely adopted and became the established norm on archaeological sites…

William Albright

Best known as an archaeologist and biblical scholar, Albright was born in Coquimbo, Chile, to Methodist missionaries and gained his doctorate at the remarkable age of 22….

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